Nike 's Ethical Issues Of Nike Essay

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International business has scaled significantly over the last thirty to forty years due to increase competition, agreements between nations created by the General Agreement in Trade and Tariffs (GATT), and opportunities created by technology. There are a wide variety of corporations that have expanded their operations through increased sales to international customers, establishing facilities in foreign locations to leveraging different resources, or through the use of subcontractors for product development and manufacturing. Nike is one organization that has established a global presence. This document will describe some of the ethical issues that Nike has faced due to use of subcontractors to manufacture its products. These issues and Nike’s behavior will be compared against the ethical philosophies of Straw Men and Kantian.
History of Nike Corporation Nike was established in 1972 by a track star from the University of Oregon, Phil Knight. Nike main product lines are athletic apparel and shoes for all different types of sports. Nike does not manufacture any of their products, but does create the designs of the products. The organization also markets its product around the world (Hill, 2008). Some of the more well know marketing campaigns feature sports superstars such as Tiger Woods. The logo “Just Do It!” is recognized by numerous individuals as the Nike brand and has become a very popular phase within many cultures. In 2008, Nike had over $10 billion in…

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