Nicholas Winton's Involvement In The Holocaust

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People are known for many things. There are those who are major sports players and are extremely successful in their careers. There are some who are highly renowned musicians, and others who have made great discoveries in science, and many others. There is also a category of people who are known for being heroes in a dangerous period of history. Sir Nicholas Winton is a man who is known for being the savior of now thousands of lives across the world. Very little is known about Nicholas Winton’s life before his involvement in the Holocaust. He was actually born under the name Nicholas Wertheimer to his parents, Rudolf and Barbara, who were of a German-Jewish descent. (Howard) It was not until 1938, when World War II was starting to be imminent, …show more content…
Aside from that-and even that he kept hidden in the attack- he kept no reminders of his involvement and he spoke to very few people about it. His own wife did not know about it until she found his scrapbook. Grete Winton was cleaning their attic when she came across an old suitcase. She expected to see old clothes or something of that sort, but instead she stumbled onto Nicholas’s scrapbook. She inquired about it, and he reluctantly told her about his association with the children in it. Greta took it upon herself to try to find a place for them to be located. In the scrapbook were letters that the parents had written to or about their children, and Greta wanted to give them back to the people because she figured most of them probably did not know their parents very well and she wanted them to have the letters that they had written. She also contacted several museums and establishments to take in and exhibit the information. Finally, she got in contact with the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel. They were delighted to receive the items. Today, they are still at the Yad …show more content…
“Nicholas Winton and the Rescued Generation” by Muriel Emanuel and Vera Gissing was one of those books. “Nicholas Winton’s Lottery of Life” by Matej Minac was written and actually goes along with the film “Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good”. Possibly the most popular book written about him is “If It’s Not Impossible…:The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton”. This one was written by his daughter, Barbara.
Nicholas Winton and his daughter, Barbara, with the book she wrote about him.
( ) Medals and awards were also appointed to Winton. His first award was given in 1998 by the president of the Czech Republic; Winton was presented with the Order of TGM. The
Pride of Britain Award was given to him as well. He received the honor of having a minor planet named after him in 2000 by two Czech astronomers. Queen Elizabeth II then knighted Nicholas for his services to humanity in 2003. Later, in 2010, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, presented Winton with the Holocaust Hero medal. (N.W. to get Czech…) His latest award was in 2014, when he received the White Lion Order, which is a great honor. It was also in 2014 that Winton voiced his dislike at being called a hero. He claimed that he was only considered a hero because he was alive and could answer questions, while his colleagues who had died were

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