Essay This Way For The Gas, Ladies And Gentlemen

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Tadeusz Borowski is a polish poet and short story writer who grew up during the holocaust. He published most of his works for the underground press as they were brutally honest. He personally experienced from working in the camps. He struggled in search of good moral values despite his Nazi occupation but was still left feeling ashamed and guilty of his actions. He did what he had to do in order to survive. In his short story, “This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen” was set in a concentration camp in Auschwitz. The narrator is a polish prisoner who worked under Nazi rule, we can assume it is Tadeusz based on facts from his real life. If Borowski was american living today his work would be much different as he has no personal connection to the story. Borowski was an author who wrote a story based around his real life experience in the Holocaust and risked his life to publish his collections for others to read,
Tadeusz Borowski was born in 1922 in a small town of Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Both of his parents were sent to work elsewhere and his brother was in boarding school. Leaving his aunt to raise him. His parents and his brother returned in 1934. Despite his families financial situations being extremely poor and the recent outbreak of World War II, he studied at secret gatherings and passed all his high school exams since education for Jews had just become illegal. In 1940 he enrolled at an underground Polish literature faculty at Warsaw University and became one of their…

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