Nicholas Cusanus Beliefs On The Relationship Between God And Man

Nicholas Cusanus and His Beliefs on the Relationship Between God and Humans Nicholas Cusanus was an important German philosopher of the fifteenth century. His thoughts gave an explanation of the relationship between God and people together. Cusanus argues that God exceeds not only our mind and ability to be intellectual, but also our language. He challenges that God is the absolute maximum, and that the universe is created in the image of God. He also proposes how people are able to understand and think about God who is incomprehensible. He argues that even though we do not understand what God is, we are led to contemplate what God must be. These arguments and thoughts that Cusanus form help put the relationship between God and man into perspective. On the other hand, Eckhart von Hochheim was a great Christian …show more content…
Humans are unable to comprehend the superiority and boundlessness that is God. Not only does the mental capacity of humans cause us to limit ourselves compared to God, our language further makes us finite and unable to properly communicate the true greatness that is God without reducing and belittling the true meaning of God. Eckhart believes the opposite. He argues that God is born within the human soul and we can posses God in all places and things by being passive and keeping intact with our soul. The main difference between Eckhart and Cusanus is that Cusanus believes that God is superior to humans and that a relationship with him is not obtainable since we are unable to comprehend his superiority. Eckhart believes that a relationship is obtainable if we are able to stay close to our soul, which is where the word of God is born and kept. These arguments that Cusanus and Eckhart have show the differing ideas between philosophers of that time and show that there are many ways to interpret the relationship between God and

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