NFL Domestic Violence Essay examples

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Nizhoni Thomas
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October 2, 2014
NFL Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a part of worldwide, everyday life to some people. Rather if it is being a witness, the person who is doing the action, or the one receiving the action. Domestic violence, specifically in the NFL, has become a major recent topic in America. Although domestic violence has a more focused appalling view, it has also caused benefits in making change in our society with the involvement of NFL’s players. In the NFL, the relative arrest rate for domestic violence is at 55.4 percent which is more than four times worse than the leagues arrest rate for all offenses (Marris). This proves that more than half of the
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These proceedings can enhance the many cases of domestic violence in general.

TMZ Sports Fig 1. Older cases of domestic violence from players in the NFL are also in effect to Goodell’s recent actions. Such as, the Arizona Cardinals running back, Jonathan Dwyer, was arrested and questioned on suspicion of aggravated assaults against his 27-year-old wife and his 18-month-old son (Howard). In addition to $25,000 cash bond which must be posted, Dwyer could not contact with the alleged victims, travel outside of Arizona, or have any involvement with weapons, drugs, or alcohol, NBC News had confirmed with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Howard). Additionally, Minnesota Vikings put Adrian Peterson back on their team after reversing the decision of his actions of injuring a child but, his sponsorships with Wheaties, Nike, Castrol, and the Radisson hotel chain had each suspended the athlete (Howard). Actions of the past effects decisions in the future, such as Roger Goodell’s. As domestic violence still goes on, including in the NFL, improvements and opportunity are bettering the domestic violence system due to past cases, especially with NFL players who were once involved.

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