News Report On Bullying At School Essay

756 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Nowadays, the news reports an increase in bullying at school. Many students who bully are trying to prove their sense of presence and want to avoid oppression. There are many different types and levels of bullying; minor accidents may just frighten students who are bullied, but sometimes, serious accidents might cause grievous injuries. So can we avoid school bullying? The answer is yes. Students who are victims of bullying should try their best to deal with this impulsive behavior sanely. Teenage victims should avoid being alone, try to get help, and make themselves stronger to deal effectively with their bullies. Most victims of bully are teens that always stay alone, so avoid being separated is very necessary. For the bullies, it is much more difficult to tease a student with many friends around than one person alone. If there is just one bully, he (or she) could well be afraid to use violence, because the other side has the numerical superiority. Even if he bullies, the victim will not be hurt badly. If there are many bullies together, the other students can notify the teachers quickly. So the it is important for students to have good relationships with others, reduce their alone time, increase the time that get along with their classmates and friends, can at least make them safer. However, the less time to be alone still cannot completely avoid the bullying. If the event really happen, what should the victims do is try to get help. They must not close themselves.…

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