New York Police Department Commissioner Essay

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As the protectors of the citizen’s of the United States, the FBI felt they were obligated to access the data on Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino terrorists through any means necessary, even by force. They believed that information such as motives or possible accomplices may be hidden on the iPhone 5C and access to that will potentially allow them to capture other perpetrators or perhaps even prevent future terror attacks.
After two months of failing to gain access to the iPhone in question, the FBI appealed to the courts of California and they were successful in gaining an order which demanded that Apple build a backdoor in their software to disable the erase-after-ten-failed-attempts feature (erases all contents of an iPhone after ten failed attempts at entering the password). If Apple were to comply, this would allow the FBI to hack the iPhone in question using brute force - attempting every possible combination, until the right one is found.
New York Police Department Commissioner William J. Bratton issued a statement saying, “No device, no car, and no apartment should be beyond the reach of a court ordered search warrant.” (Nakashima, 2016). As a law enforcer, this point of view is quite understandable. Some might even say that this is the attitude they want their law enforcers to have. Those same people would most likely condone the FBI, NSA or any other government (perhaps private as well) organization from accessing private, confidential information through…

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