New York Health Care ( Nyhc ) Needs For The Current Terrorism Threats

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New York Health Care (NYHC) needs to prepare for the current terrorism threats. If the attacks happen as planned and the antiterrorism unit fails to save people, emergency cases might come into the hospital for help. Whether financially capable or not, the hospital should treat the casualties, as a requirement of EMTALA. The hospital should try reaching the community in advance and educating them on the importance of health insurance (United States 2013). The hospitals should consider the planned and in-progress essential public health services, to ensure they are safely done (CDC, 2014).
New York Health Care (NYHC) is a government entity in New York concerned with individual and community health of US citizens as well as the country’s esteemed visitors from other countries. The hospital hosts inpatient and outpatient cases. The hospital is one of the states referral, with 600 beds for patients, with a constant occupation averaging 75% bed occupation. The hospital declares concerns with the recent terrorist threats from a gang that claims to be well organized. The hospital fears, in advance, to be directly or indirectly affected by the attacks. This report submits security concerns and recommended course of action to the hospital’s pinnacle of authority. The paper looks into keen details of six of the ten public health services that are at the risk of influence of terrorism as well.
The terrorist threatens to achieve several destructive activities through the country. The…

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