New World, New Mind: Changing the Way We Make Decisions Essay

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Kristi Thornton
Environmental Studies 2030
New World New Mind In the first chapter, the author talks about how most people’s attention is on eye-catching images, instead of what is going on in the world. People care more about murders, airplane crashes, etc. instead of the exploding populations or the growth in the amount of nuclear weapons that exist. Because of this, our environment starts to deteriorate. The environment will continue to deteriorate, and such events will be out of control until the human race realizes just how selectively the environment persuades the human mind, and how the biological and cultural history determines our comprehension. The book is about fundamental connections to our past and how the human race can
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Only then will we know why it is important to expand the human perceptions and add slow reflexes to our behaviors. The human brain is a vertebrate brain, and the mental structure has evolved to confront short-term phenomena. The human brain is based on the early primates’ brains. All vertebrate brains were tuned to react to the transitory, which was necessary for survival.
Biological evolution adapted our ancestors to their environments, and in doing so, shaped us into a particularly special species. To understand the special behavioral and physical characteristics, the author looks back at recent human evolution. Natural selection equals successful reproduction. The genes of the next generation are the genes of the ones that survived and reproduced. Arboreal primates with good eyesight mated with each other and raised their young in the branches of the trees. Arboreal life also led to the movement of the human eyes, to the front of the head. Today, the sensory importance on sight has many consequences for humans in today’s world. Humans notice visual pollution more than air pollution. Good depth perception and hands that can grasp well probably first were evolved so the ancestors could leap from branch to branch. As well as good vision, our ability and use of language

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