Essay about New Products And New Services

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Company Overview:
New products and new services are developed every day; however, based on the industry of my current profession in transportation the company and product selected is Thomas Built Buses and school bus designs. Thomas Built Buses originated back in 1916 in North Carolina during World War 1 as streetcar manufacturer. It wasn’t until the 1930’s when the company started actually manufacturing and developing the school bus product. It took the company until the 1960’s to actually gain national reputation among school bus leaders. After the 1960’s the company continued to grow and develop and design school buses, from the type A, type C and type D. Over the years, the company continued to grow in size, by reputation, class, profits etc., that the company started to be preyed on other industry leaders. In the 1990’s Freightliner acquired Thomas Built Buses thus adding another great influence for the national influence in the transportation industry.
In the mid 2000’s Thomas Built Bus, did something that not all school bus manufacturers do in the business. Thomas decided to reach out to school district drivers, contracted drivers across the United States for input on a new design and product of school buses. Thomas listened to customers and focus groups and shortly after developed and produced the first Thomas C2 school bus. At the time, Thomas was able to develop a world class vehicle by listening to their customers, actual drivers and actual…

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