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Several weaknesses of paper-based medical records have been identified, such as illegible handwriting, ambiguous and incomplete data, data fragmentation, and poor availability.1 In addition, paper records often become bulky with time, which leads to lack of overview. Because paper records still represent the usual medium for collecting and recording patient data, these weaknesses could impede the continuity and quality of care.
Allow for all medical offices to send, receive, and share data & resources throughout the network Upgrade all hardware/software to ensure network operability Allow scalability for growth of and on the network Merge all five medical offices without slowing down current service at any location Provide physical
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However, 22% to 25% of the physicians found retrieval of patient data more difficult, particularly among internists (33%). Overall, the physicians were equally satisfied with the part of the system handling the regular electronic data as that of the physicians in the reference group. They were, however, much less satisfied with the use of scanned document images than that of regular electronic data, using the former less frequently than the latter.
Conclusion: Scanning and elimination of the paper-based medical record is feasible, but the scanned document images should be considered an intermediate stage toward fully electronic medical records. To our knowledge, this is the first assessment from a hospital in the process of completing such a scanning project.
The electronic medical record (EMR) is considered a prerequisite for the efficient storage, distribution, and use of patient data in hospitals.1 The development and implementation of EMR systems that have the capability of storing and presenting all the information contained in a typical paper-based medical record have, however, proven to be complex tasks.2,3,4,5 In Norway, systems with the ability of storing a proportion of the information in the paper-based medical record are implemented in most hospitals.6Until recently, Norwegian legislation has made it necessary to maintain the paper-based medical records,

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