Lauric Acid Lab Report

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Scientific Objectives
The scientific objectives of the experiment were to measure the temperature of a sample of lauric acid as it 's cooled. The data was manipulated to generate a cooling curve and freezing point.

Matter can be categorized as solid, liquid, or gas this is known as phases of matter. A solid is a sample of matter with a defined volume and a defined shape; this sample is not easily compressible and doesn’t flow smoothly. A liquid has an undefined shape and a fixed volume; Liquid is not easily compressed and flows smoothly. A gas holds the shape and volume of its container, unlike the others gas flowed and compressed easily(2.02 Classifying Matter, n.d.) Changes are physical changes that only affect the appearance
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This substance is mainly used as an ingredient in shampoos and soaps. Lauric acid is consumed by babies, children, teens, and adults. Babies consume this at their early stage during breastfeeding, while the rest ingest it by eating fruits. However, pure Lauric acid can not be ingested since it could cause irritation, but there are no gastrointestinal problems when is glycerol is chemically bonded. (Davidson, 2003) According to research, it has many health benefits due to its antimicrobial properties, but it 's not yet confirmed. The chemical formula for Lauric acid is C12H24O2 and has a molar mass of 200.32. Its melting point is about 3.8°C while the boiling point is BOUT91.4°C (lauric acid, …show more content…
An exothermic reaction gives off energy in the form of heat, light or sound and can occur spontaneously. When used in a laboratory exothermic reactions may generate heat or even an explosive. In the other hand, an endothermic reaction absorbs energy and cannot occur spontaneously. When heat is absorbed a temperature drop and is measured throughout the reaction. Endothermic reactions have a positive heat flow while Exothermic reactions have a negative heat.(Patel, 2013) These two reactions are related to the experiment for the substance because it was used to determine what kind of reaction the cooling curve is and what does it

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