Nestomalt Case Study

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Nestle is a Switzerland company was started by Henry Nestle in 1867. His first product was “ Faine Lactee Nestle ”(Combination of cow’s milk, wheat flour and Sugar). In 1905 Nestle joined with Anglo Swiss condensed milk company and expand their productivity.

Today Nestle has 449 factories in 86 countries. More than 328 000 employs work with Nestle. Mainly Nestle company produce milk products, chocolates, coffee, soup, tea and sauce. There are some world famous brands in Nestle. NESCAFE, NESTEA, MILO, MAGGI, KIT KAT and MILKMAID are some of them.

In more than century ago Nestle established their business operations in Sri Lanka and become a public-quoted company in 1983 and commenced commercial production in 1984.
Now a days we can see Nestle products every where in Sri Lanka. Nestomalt, Milo, Nespray,
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Since 1964 Nestomalt is the famous malted drink in Sri Lanka. Usually people use Nestomalt as their bed tea. Not only people use Nestomalt for their energy requirements. Today we can see people use Nestomalt as habit of their life style. We can buy Nestomalt every where in country. “Malted milk powder” and “Ready to drink pack” are two types of Nestomalt productions. Customers choose any product consider their needs. If we talk about malted milk, every Sri Lankan will remember one brand Nestomalt. Most people consider Nestomalt is nutrition food drink with vitamin and calcium.


Nescafe is a world famous brand of coffee. In Sri Lanka we can buy 4 types of Nescafe productions. There are Nescafe Classic (pure soluble), Nescafe 3 in 1 ( premix ) , Nescafe gold (Premium pure soluble) and Nescafe Ice Coffee.
Today most of the restaurants and cafes provide Nescafe. Because Nescafe machines change it is very easy. Now a days some occasions people use Nescafe.
Most people like taste of Nescafe and some others use Nescafe consider its brand.


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