Nestle Beauty Age Case Study

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In 1905 as a result of the merge with Anglo-Swiss condense company also a company of Henri Nestle what’s known today as the Nestle Group was created. Nestle company started industrializing and exporting chocolate for the first time with the help of Henri Nestle and his previous experience making chocolate milk in 1875 when he supplied condense milk. In 1905 the company had over 20 different factories but they two head offices, in Vevey and Cham that controlled exports. By this the company established international connections for spading in the other continents. It became a global company and the result is known as “beauty age.”

Things change in 1914 with the outbreak of World War I because they had a huge demand of condense milk do to
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People in Europe and the United States started buying machines such as refrigerators and freezers. By this Nestle take to commerce a new product called Nesquik that rapidly became top seller do to its easy preparation in cold and hot milk.

During 1970s Nestle expanded their business in milk, coffee and canned foods, they also diversified their products and implemented mineral water, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic product. They became minority shareholder of the cosmetics company L’Oreal and bought the American pharmaceutical and ophthalmic products manufacturer Alcon Laboratories.

Years later Nestle became global leadership in water, ice cream and animal food, also they started focusing on nutrition, health and wellness and by this they launched a new product line on low-fat and low-calorie food. Nestlé is one of the first companies to develop policies based on the WHO code on breast-milk substitutes.

Another of the multiple joint ventures that Nestlé established was with General Mills and coca cola in 1991. The first one mentioned was to produce breakfast cereals and distribute them globally and the second one was with the purpose to form Beverage Partners

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