Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Are Strong And Independent People Who Are Constantly Watching Over Infants

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Babies Under developed Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are strong and independent people who are constantly watching over infants. People who love responsibility, can work under pressure and love children should become a nurse. There are several different types of nurses, but the most rewarding emotionally is Neonatal Nurse Practitioners. They have great benefits with their career such as paid overtime because you tend to work a lot. This is a very rewarding job for those who love children and strive to help others. If you want great benefits and love helping children, you should consider becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners need to have a Master’s degree and can have a certain specified field that they advance in. “Nurse Practitioners are Advanced Registered Nurses who are able to work independently, can distribute medication and have their own patients. They can work in a clinic, hospital, or a nursing home and can work part time, full time, evenings only, nights only, or a day to day schedule”.(Wiscareers) Since nurses are in such high demand you can get a job almost anywhere. Nurse Practitioners have to be great with people because they are not only taking care of their patients they also need to help families understand procedures and educate them on how to help their child. Having a job as important as being a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner you can not leave until your patient is stable and you can leave but sometimes you will be on call in…

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