Negative Consequences Of Taking Things One Day At A Time

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Taking things one day at a time will help you worry less and let positivity come in Sometimes bombarding your schedule with an amazing amount of things to do has negative consequences, because as soon as deadlines come closer and you feel you will not be able to accomplish anything , this adds up to other stuff you will have to do the next day or week. This tendency will build up unnecessary stress, and unfortunately, negativity, because you 'll feel that you can 't keep up with anything. In other words, you can easily see yourself as a failure. What you need to do is spread these activities or tasks throughout the week (7 days), and sometimes with an additional 3 days window. You just have to give yourself a chance if you want …show more content…
-Then, divide your tasks into 3 groups, like "Immediate group", "later on group" and "later, later on group". These categorizations speak volume to your mind. By labeling these groups this way you are training yourself, to slow down and that there are things that can be done immediately and other than can be done way later.
-After this, all you have to do is assign each task to a group. Just like you would, if you were using a daily/weekly/monthly organizer.
-Your next step is to make sure that you don 't overwhelm yourself with too much to do at a time. So the rule would be not more than 2 tasks a day. So, take your immediate group of the tasks put into it, and spread them over the week and up to 3 days after the week is ended. Do it as if you were stretching a shirt, so it can fit because that is the goal. You have to spread and stretch things so they can fit your mental and not the other way around.
-Do the same thing with "the later group", where you will stretch things from 2 weeks up to a month. And in "the later, later on group" from 6 months up into a year or two. The principle is to learn to organize yourself so that your habits or objectives don 't become an open door to negativity. If for

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