Negativity Of Globalization In Dubai

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The geographical location of Dubai is a one part of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Throughout the rest of the 1970s, Dubai began to grow considerably as it gained revenue from oil and trading. Dubai is the second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 sq km and the city is roughly 35 sq km Next, Dubai had relatively small reserves on the build its future mall portion of Dubai's economy is based on oil. Besides that, oil made up 6 percent gross a domestic products in 2006. The Dubai city is small that only 3885 square kilometers. Besides that, Dubai have the summer, the weather in Dubai is very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching mid 40’s. Even the sea temperature can reach 37°C, with humidity averaging over 90%. Next, population on …show more content…
Dubai also not immune from negative reaction. The negative reaction in globalization changes are solved by discussions Negativity of globalization. The first, small industries and Small Business. In an open economy, small-scale and cottage industries cannot be developed in competition with great it is to have a lot of competition, especially large companies. This is because, difficult for small companies to market their products to market as monopolized by larger companies.
Besides that, the negative response to globalization, the increase in information flows between geographically remote locations and global environmental problems such as Tran’s boundary pollution, climate change is settled by discussion. Globalization will cause complicated in disseminating information to the backward countries. This is because they do not have sophisticated equipment and cause them to miss much of the developed world.
Next, social and cultural, through social and cultural globalization in each country is changing and increasingly forgotten. This is because, changes occur over time. Besides that, Globalization has led to the weakening, erosion and even destruction of democracy. Globalization has considerably increased the wealth and power of multinational corporations and they have tended to interfere with and control the economic policy and politics of developing

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