Negative Side Of Social Media Essay

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Summary: In this argumentative article, the publisher represented the arguments about the use of social media. The article is about do social networking websites positively impact the world and they’re both side of question which is negative side and the positive side. The publisher represented the both sides in this article. Where supporters talks about the good side of the social networking and the opponent talks about the negative side of social networking. The article gives us the history of social networking and the future of social networking.
The history tells us how social networking was created such as: Facebook, twitter, and YouTube and other social networking and how it became so famous widespread. Also, talks about how one social networking took over the other one as times move along people move along with the new social network and how it becomes so famous throughout the world. The publisher makes money out of the social networking as number the usher increase and it has increased so extensively over several years. How people can communicate with each other without going outside and share ideas, thoughts, and
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This article talks about the positive and the negative side of the social networking. It is so incredible that how can connect to each other from one part of the world to a different part of the world. On page 134 talks about “ a sociology class, students didn’t know each other but they communicated with each other over the social network and they ended up working out together on a class project and planned a Christmas party at one of their homes.” This is an example of clique and it is incredible that sometimes we don’t know someone but we can know about them on the social networking. Social networks brings the world in one small app and where all the people share their feelings, ideas, and

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