Social Networking Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Social networking is a new phenomenon that is big among Millennials. Still and all just about everyone from different age groups and backgrounds engage in some form of social networking. To take things a little further companies, universities and organization now have their own social media accounts to keep up with the changing times. These companies ranges from fast food such as McDonald 's to footwear companies like Nike. Organizations like NASA has 13 million followers on Twitter. When it comes to universities Robert Morris University has 14, 017 likes on Facebook. Social networking is a way to connect with people. There are social networking sites from college students, music, parents, traveling, finance, ect.

As with anything social networking
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Speaking of job advice social networking made it easy for me to find job opportunities. For an example, I am apart of an alumni Facebook group for an organization I was a part of. In the group, members post career and jobs opportunities throughout the time. This is very beneficial, especially with the economy. On the subject of jobs, LinkedIn has also helped me build connections, and made me a better person overall. Social networking has kept me updated on current events which allow me to see others thoughts and opinion on certain events locally,nationally, or globally.

On to the disadvantages, which are the reasons I cut back on social networking. One major disadvantage that social networking brought to my life is cyber bullying. With the social networking you are able to say whatever you desire from the comfort of your own home. Plus, in some cases where there 's is anonymity things can be worse. I 've been told to "kill myself" and been verbally assaulted. This shows a lack of empathy and how unpleasant some people
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People can now share their experiences giving advice or have simple discussions, on different topics. It can help tremendously with confidence, because those who are shy in real life can now express themselves via social networking. Also, people can learn, for instance on YouTube it 's a category for everything, and you can learn from YouTubers. Overall, social networking allows everyone to have an outlet for their interests, hobbies.

One of the disadvantages of social networking is lack of interaction among people. I found that in social settings people rarely communicate because they 're always on a social network. It 's hard to enjoy certain activities such as "dining" because people are quick to take out an electronic device (phone primarily) in order to take pictures of the food. You even have people stop with they are doing to check in on Facebook. This shows how we as a society are validated by "likes" and are consumed by social networking to a point everything we do is done to "prove"

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