Benefit Of Social Networking

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Some would say a world without social networking is a place nobody would wish on their worst enemy. Although critics have their opinions on whether or not social networking is useful or not, it has became very popular among people of all ages. The benefits outway the concerns. Social networking is beneficial because it allows instant communication, provides information for all, and promotes businesses.
What exactly is social networking some may ask? According to Lauri S. Friedman, "Social networking occurs via web-based sites or services that allow people to create personal profiles and then communicate or share content with other users of the site or service" (100). Social networking has recently became a well known tool that many use for
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It allows people to do things never thought possible. We have the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Mark Zuckerberg stated in an interview, "People can connect with anyone else who they know in a different country around the world who is also using Facebook." Of course there are many other websites you can connect with people too besides Facebook. Social media allows everybody of all ages instant communication and social relationships with people all over the world ("From High School"). Not only is social networking communication, people are able to create new friendships. As humans, we have a need to connect with others and social media is our way to fulfill said need (Banfield 9). As said before, we are allowed to create new social ties with anyone from anywhere ("From High School"). One of the most important quality of instant communication is it enables us to keep in touch with our loved ones. Studies show that 57% of people talk more online than they do in real-life ("How Social Networks"). The majority of these people are more than likely speaking to their friends or family. This is providing them with the opportunity to expand their social ties with the ones they hold close ("From High School"). Instant communication is now …show more content…
The most common way is to promote new institutions. It is very useful for advertising or getting something promoted ("How Social Networks"). If a business owner has a new product in stock, sharing that information can be very beneficial to the customer and owner. Social networking is now allowing improved opportunities with customers and other businesses ("Pros and Cons"). Now these partnerships can communicate about business online. One can arrange a pick up of a product or call to get their questions answered. People can get important information about businesses they are curious about. Bruce Vonder Harr says, "A lot of people use social networking for news or sharing information for businesses." Because information can be shared, people have the power to attract new clients and employees. As said before, social networking allows greater communication with customers and businesses ("Pros and Cons"). If someone is looking for a job, they can google a job they are interested in and see if there are any positions

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