Social Networking: Useful Or Harmful?

Some would say a world without social networking is a place nobody would wish on their worst enemy. Although critics have their opinions on whether or not social networking is useful or not, it has became very popular among people of all ages. The benefits outway the concerns. Social networking is beneficial because it allows instant communication, provides information for all, and promotes businesses.
What exactly is social networking some may ask? According to Lauri S. Friedman, "Social networking occurs via web-based sites or services that allow people to create personal profiles and then communicate or share content with other users of the site or service" (100). Social networking has recently became a well known tool that many use for
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They believe that it is allowing humans to lose the ability to interact with others. Madeleine Bunting said, "The most obvious driver of change is new media technology, which is dramatically reshaping all kinds of human interaction" (15). Humans would much rather communicate via web than having the usual personal communication with friends and family. This is affecting young children as well. It has been said that children spend an average of six hours a day online instead of having the needed face-to-face communication with friends and family members (Bunting 15). Without face-to-face communication, human relationships are being effected in a negative way. Bunting said this problem is eroding relationships and the ability to read body language, communicate with each other, and make important commitments with each other (14). Not only is this effecting relationships, its effecting their well-being. There is evidence of rising depression rates and increased emotional problems in today 's youth (Bunting 15). It has also been said that today 's young people are lonelier and more isolated than those of the past (Bunting 15). Although these problems are concerning, there is also benefits to social networking that are helpful to …show more content…
People no longer have to wait for the news to come on tv or read it in the newspaper. They have the power to take it upon themselves to look up what they want to know. One can simply get on Facebook or CNN and find out all the newest stories. Pete Chapman states that 48% of young Americans said they find out about news through Facebook ("How Social Networks"). Other ways are to get on news sites to get the most reliable information.The more information people have about what going on around them will enable them more of a voice in this world ("An Interview With"). Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, says, "If you have access to better information to what 's going on around you, you 'll make better choices" ("An Interview With"). The more information one holds, the better off they will be. Other than finding out information about news, one can find out about new events and institutions too. One can simply google what 's new in town. Rob Jelly says, "This can be used as a tool to either bring people in or point them in certain directions ("How Social Networks"). Not only can people get information on events, they can now get information on people. This can be a fantastic tool to find out information on people you 're curious about especially when it comes to hiring new employees. Richard Banfield states, "Googling a potential client or a new friends helps me get a deeper understanding

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