Negative Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution did have it 's upside, such as technological advancement and more wealth for the Englishmen. It was important for the development of Europe and America. Our present day society might have not been the same. But, when it comes to how the Industrial Revolution causing impacts to the people, the negative impacts outweigh the positive impacts. I firmly believe that the Industrial Revolution has brought more negative impacts to people because the working conditions were perilous, child labor became established and created a more overcrowded, urban state of living.

First of all, the dangerous working conditions of the Industrial Revolution had negatively impacted the health of its people. With the establishment of factories
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Children were hired to become scavengers in factories and often have to work in these places for 15-20 years in their lives once appointed to work. They are way more likely to injure or even kill themselves because their job as scavengers is to clean machines that are still on since their hands were nimble and small, which is very harsh and dangerous. These youth workers were paid less than 10 cents an hour whilst working the regular 15+ hours a day like the average worker. Many of them do not have the freedoms that our present day children and teens, which are social lives and having fun with one another. These children are only exposed to the workers that are in their factories, which is very limited. Additionally, children of the Industrial Revolution are exposed to a lot of smoke and pollution that the factories produce. Children are way more vulnerable to worse health problems since their bodies are so undeveloped compared to adults. All these points that were made support the fact that children of the time were also negatively impacted in the Industrial …show more content…
With more people coming from different countries also in need of work, jobs were being filled really fast and workers started to get let off into unemployment. More people would go into poverty and live homeless. Factories wouldn 't really care about these people and continue to hire people with better skills for about the same pay rate or just a bit more than the pay rate of unskilled workers. These unemployed workers would probably either risk committing crime to help their families or just suffer a painful homeless life and a more likely chance to die early. Also, the overcrowding would also have caused more diseases coming into Europe and the Americas. Illnesses can be just really minor to very fatal to one 's health, which possibly even could result into the deaths of many people. With more people coming into these populated areas, there would be a need for more factories to create and more pollution that result from these factories. Pollution is also another effect that the overcrowding had created, which is very harmful to the environment and the people as well. The impact that the more urbanized society had created was detrimental to the people who worked in the factories and negatively impacted their state of

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