How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect America

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The workers of the industrial revolution lived in terrible conditions. The workers would get paid as little as possible so they couldn't afford the nicest places to live so they usually had a Five to nine people living in a one room apartment because they did not have the money for each of them to have their own apartment. Problems that came with living so close to each other came in really bad ways. Many people were getting sick and with living so close it was spreading rapidly. With the lack of medicine there was also people getting so sick that they were dying. Many workers would get hurt in the workplace and that was another reason that people are getting sick because of infection. Workers were also worried because they have to send their kids into work because they're not making enough money and with that comes more injury. The kids were used to go into the coal and silver mines because they were small and could fit better. They were paid as little as possible even less than the adults even though they had more life ending jobs. The workers would work through their injury because …show more content…
But the workers were not the only ones with problems there were unemployed people and people fighting wars. The industrial revolution affected the workers in a negative way. This was bad for the Americans because it also drew the line between poor and rich. People like Edwin L Drake and John D Rockefeller are finding oil and starting the big business that are overtaking the little businesses and giving the workers less and less money for how much they work. Then in 1880 the US steel production goes up to 1,400,000 tons Emily and so more workers are working harder and harder to produce for the big businesses. Some workers are working on the real way to make a living and with that comes a lot of hard work. For some families that means leaving everything throughout the

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