Negative Essay: The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is a plant that people use to smoke or ingest, to achieve a “high” effect, and is classified as a psychoactive drug. There is a wide variety of terms for this drug: weed, cannabis, hemp, etc. The chemical that is found is marijuana is THC. For decades, marijuana has been considered a drug, but marijuana has served to be beneficial to people and the governing state. The movement of marijuana has been going on since the 90’s. There are medical reasonings behind legalizing marijuana and states have received a substantial amount of tax profit. There is controversy when talking about legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is a drug, even though it is a plant, it is still a drug, like tobacco. It is a common drug, worldwide and many refer to it as the “gateway drug”. Using that term makes people skeptical about its use. People who do not want marijuana to be legalized are standing by their beliefs, stating that it is a drug. One of the main reasons why people do not want marijuana to be legalized because they stand by their religious beliefs. Also, there is some medical reasonings why people do not want it to be legalized. The long-term effects of marijuana are people resulting in lung problems. Since smoking irritates the lungs, it can worsen …show more content…
Medical marijuana is used to treat people with anxiety disorder. It is describe as helping people relax, which takes away someone’s anxiety. Eating disorders are another factor. People who are diagnosed with anorexia benefit from medical marijuana because it makes them hungry and want to eat food. Medical marijuana helps with cancer patients. When a patient undergoes chemotherapy, it makes them extremely ill and nauseas. Doctors prescribe these patients medical marijuana, because it helps with their nausea and puts them in a better mood. Other medical disorders that it helps with, is epilepsy. Comparison to anxiety disorder, it helps relax the body, resulting in less

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