Negative Essay: Is Football Dangerous For Our Youth?

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Is football dangerous for our youth?

Do you think that football is dangerous for our youth? I don’t think football is dangerous

because you can get hurt the same way you do in football in any sport you do. I play football myself and

I have never gotten hurt before and I am blessed for that. Football is supposed to be a very physical

contact and you have to be man about when you get and to hit somebody. Today more youth coaches

are taking classes about safety in football and so our youth will stay healthy. They also taught within

these classes when a player get injured how long it will take them to recover. Also with these classes it

helps make football safer and reduces the severe concussion rate. No matter what type of sport you
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They also have a lower suicide rate compared to baseball players and less than the general

public which says that football is not as dangerous as people think it is. Yes, football can cause injuries

but it just not concussion that people think football is defiantly worth the risk because you create more

and more friends as you play football. People should just look at the benefits that do come out of the

sport of football. (Medicine)

The health benefits are very important because only 1 out of 3 children in America are physically

active on a daily basis and 1 out 5 do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth.

The benefits enhanced cardiovascular and muscular systems, develop speed, endurance, and strength,

have better coordination, agility and maintain a healthy weight. No the down side of not doing football

or any sport is obesity it has doubled in amount of children that are obese the risk are heat disease,

diabetes, joint problems, and sleep apnea. Health benefit doesn’t just benefit sports it also benefits

academics and social wellbeing. New athletic skills that a kid can conquer can help better his self-esteem

and help shape a great young athlete. Because of youth football that kids are staying more active
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Do you really think football is dangerous for our youth? I don’t think that it’s really that

dangerous because I have been playing football sense I was in 5th grade and not once have I got a

concussion or an injury. It doesn’t matter what sport you are going to do because there is always a

possibility that you are going to get injured there always that risk. But don’t use the excuse that you are

afraid that I’m going to get injured because of football it can happen in any sport. There are so many

health benefits that you get from football and you should take advantage of the health benefits that

football has to offer. It will make you such a better leader and person when you get into the real world.

If you think that you might have long term affects because you got a concussion it takes more than just 1

even more than 5 to get long term affects it just a thing that you have to risk. It will be the best risk that

you will ever take in your life and you will be happy that you did play football as kid and as you went

through high school. You will make so many friends from the sport of

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