Holocaust Effects On Germany Essay

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The Holocaust’s effect on Germany During the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler’s vicious reign left thousands starving, suffering, traumatized, and dead. Millions of people feared their lives when anti-Semitism was embraced by the Soviet troops and the Anglo-Saxons and it had spread to several parts of Europe. Adolf Hitler walks away from the Holocaust not only the reason for the millions of mass murders that he organized, but also the psychological suffering of the people of Germany after the termination of his reign. The aftermath is just as damaging as the Holocaust itself, which was considered the one of the most gruesome, destructive, devastating times in history alone. Adolf Hitler’s reign ended in negative effects in post war Germany because he …show more content…
They were shamed by everyone, including other nations, and looked at as a joke because of what they had allowed to go on under Hitler’s rule. This made it almost impossible for them to find jobs, and they felt completely worthless. Rebuilding after such a horrific event seemed impossible to the people of Germany and especially the people of the Jewish communities. Everything that they believed in or stood for had been ripped down right in front of their own eyes, and watching it crumble was so discouraging to them. Imagine going through what these people went to, some survivors were locked away in camps for years, then just thrown back into reality, expected to be able to function. Some had lost almost all their friends and family, they couldn’t find work, and their self-esteem was basically non-existent. Some people are still recovering from the trauma they had to endure, and almost anyone and everyone involved took a huge psychological blow. The reign of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism is still one of the most negative impacts of post war Germany. The people of Germany never thought it could get worse for them than it was after World War I, but Hitler and the Nazi’s quickly proved them wrong when the broke them down mentally, and even physically. This left Germany and its people, embarrassed and ashamed to even be a German citizen. Hitler himself took out the entire country of Germany and psychologically impacted the people forever and they will never truly

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