Negative Effects Of Pornography Essay

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Effects of Pornography Is watching pornography changing the reality of what a sexual partner should look like, how they should perform, or even causing doubts about your abilities and appearance? Do those that view pornography have altered expectations from themselves and their partner? Surprisingly, it is not just single men and college students watching pornography. Women, couples, and even teens and pre-teens are frequently watching pornography. The effects of pornography are numerous; relationships, health, finances, morals, standing in the community and even your freedom can be impacted by the consumption of pornography. Pornhub recently released it’s 2015 numbers and the amount of time being spent on pornography is shocking. Pornhub’s annual year in review announced that they had …show more content…
Ali Drucker, author of the article, breaks down those visits into hours and there were over four billion hours spent watching pornography last year (Drucker). Time is not the only thing being wasted on pornography, money is another thing being wasted. According to Kassia Wosick, assistant professor of sociology at New Mexico State University, “Globally, porn is a $97 billion industry. At present, between $10 and $12 billion of that comes from the United States. (Morris)”. There are several forms of pornography, all of them addictive, this paper will explore some of the ways that pornography can have a negative effect on its consumers. Relationships can be impacted in different ways because of pornography. There are healthy relationships that involve the use of pornography to enhance foreplay, to learn new techniques, or to even explore each other’s fantasies and desires. These relationships require open communication

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