Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Essay

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Increasing gun control will negatively affect normal law abiding citizens. According to many people they think guns should be banned, but that will not work. Gun control affects normal law abiding citizens not only by limiting firearms & ammunition that can be purchased, it takes away our 2nd amendment right, and demotes organizations such as the NRA & Gun owners of America.Without guns we would not be the free country we are today (Pros & Cons : Gun legislation). Having a gun does not make you a bad person, a lot of people just need to realize it. Pushing for more gun control also comes with try to get rid of certain guns & ammunition. People feel certain guns and ammo should be banned , or not available to the public. Certain people feel a …show more content…
People think that the National Rifle Association (NRA) promotes what happens, instead the NRA promotes owning guns for protection. Mass shootings that we have seen, or think we’ve seen, are not caused by mentally sane people. Mentally unstable people are the ones who have caused so much havoc within the last few years. If someone is that unstable that they think going out and killing people for fun is ok, they should not be allowed to live anymore. People want to blame an organization, or come up with an excuse for other people 's actions. The National Rifle association, Gun owners of America, and any other association is not responsible for what people do with themselves. A lot of people like to make up excuses to justify their or other people 's actions, which is dumb, the person is to blame. Lastly people should be more interested in firearm associations instead of blaming them. These associations don’t encourage you to go out and kill anybody, but instead encourage you to protect yourself. Personally i think a lot of people are stupid and need open their eyes in today 's world. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a people

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