Negative Effects Of European Exploration

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European exploration had a mostly negative impact on the native people of Congo and New Mexico. There are very many reasons that prove this to be true. Both of these nation states were struggling to survive, losing a great deal of people from a variety of different things like slavery and war. The Portuguese and Spaniards only cared about themselves and would do anything if it benefitted them. The negative impact that European exploration had on these places took a toll on them and was a very rough time for the citizens of these places.
In 1483 the Portuguese landed in Kongo and returned in 1491. The ruler of the Kongo people, Afonso, promoted European culture at first. “Afonso promoted European culture by proclaiming Christianity the state
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In an attempt to stop his people from being slaves for the Portuguese, he wrote several letters to King Joao. He refers to religion and God to fight his case because he knows that what they were doing was against it. “Pray our lord in His mercy to have Your Highness under His guard and let you do forever the things of His service” (83). He constantly reminds the king that what he is doing is not what God would want and he says that he will pray for things to change. These letters are ignored, and slavery becomes a huge problem in the new world through the triangular trade. This eventually almost destroys the African culture and they struggle to comeback from it even to this day.
The Aztecs of New Mexico were also negatively affected by the expansion and exploration of the Europeans. For the Aztecs, it was the Spaniards who went after them specifically. The Mexican culture was tremendously interesting to the first Spaniards who arrived. With that being said, the earliest leader of Spanish missionaries, Bernardino de Sahagun, “had deep affection and respect” for the citizens of New Mexico. He also “mastered the Nahuatl language, spoken by the Aztecs and other central American people’s”
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The Kongo and their leader Afonso were completely taken over by the Portuguese and their own citizens were sold off as slaves and treated like animals. Afonso sent multiple letters to the Portuguese begging for them to stop what they were doing, which was completely ignored and made him look weak overall as a leader. This degraded African Americans as people and to this day they are still recovering from the hundreds of devastating years caused by European enslavement. On the other hand, the Aztecs faced their own challenges against the Spaniards in keeping their culture, gold, and land. The Spaniards were greatly outnumbered throughout this entire war with the Aztecs but still managed to win. This is because of the lack of food and water, European diseases they didn’t know how to cure, and casualties during battle. Spanish people were extremely brutal and did not care about killing anyone that got in their way, whereas the Aztecs didn’t fight to kill but to capture their enemy. Another way the Aztecs fought was by scare tactics by using men dressed up as Gods to try to scare the Spanish off. The Spaniards took everything the Aztecs had and became much more wealthy and powerful from this. European expansion was magnificently horrible for the native people of these two nation-states but only made the Portuguese and Spanish

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