Exposure To Domestic Violence

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When a child is exposed to domestic violence (DV) it can have numerous negative effects. Throughout this essay the term domestic violence will refer specifically to violence between adult intimate partners. This includes direct exposure to domestic violence or bearing witness to evidence of results of the violence, such as injuries and bruises. DV effects children in their daily lives and continues to affect them well into their adult lives. Children of DV are effected, emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally, including within their relationships. These effects are present throughout their childhood and long into the future. Exposure to domestic violence influences a child’s attitude towards the use of violence during their life. The impact …show more content…
The two are rarely mutually exclusive. Many of the aspects of child victimization and the connection between PTS and DV explain the term polyvictimization. Polyvictimization is an explanation for children suffer from various types of abuse, including sexual, physical bullying and the observing of family violence (Telman, 2016)

Psychological Effects

Emotional Effects
When a child is exposed to domestic violence between his or her parents they often experience emotional difficulties. Domestic violence pushes children take on a mature role within the family, Often the children feel as though they need to protect the abused parent or shield younger more vulnerable siblings from witnessing the abuse. Having to take on such mature tasks is said to provoke feelings of anger and resentment. Such anger is often directed towards the mother Having to be thrusted into such grown up obligations is also said to cause isolation of young people from their peers. (Nicky Stanley,
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There is considerable research that supports the theory that children exposed to DV are prone to experience violence within their teenage and adult intimate relationships, more so than children who haven’t had such experiences. Witnessing mother to father violence is one of the greatest predictors of a child’s relationship with violence. It is not simply exposure to violence that constructs someone to become an offender or victim of violence, other influences are usually involved. One of the primary factors involved is attitudes towards violence, tolerance of violence, acceptance of violent behavior. Research indicates that those that have been subjected to DV are more tolerant of it in their relationships than others. Perpetrators that were exposed to DV as a child have been found to be more tolerant of dating violence as well (Marie E. Karlsson,

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