The Importance Of Laws Against Domestic Violence

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“society has seldom considred the vicarious effects of domestic violence between partners on the lives of children.”
The amount of fear that rushes through a childs body when they hear their mother being hurt in the other room, the amount of anxiety that is built up because of the helpless state that childen are put in is something no child should ever have to struggle through. These negative people should be removed from their lives for not only the safety of the family but to avoid any long temr psychological effects. But the laws against domestic violence are so avoidable, it keeps the toxic relationship between the partnes visible to children. Laws should be enforced and stricter. The aggressive behavior wont be chaned unless anger management
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Laws should be a it more strict on what is considred domestiv violence. Domestic violence charges can range from class c misdemeanor to to a second degree penalty. A class c misdemeanor can be compared to a traffic ticket that fines up to $500 dollars and a second degree felony with a fine no more than10,000 dollars. The factors that determine the type and harshness of punishment are the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator, the perpetrator past convictions, and whether suffocation was involved. But there are many sposues who hide the violence for the sake of their relationship, but by enforcing laws they get the safety the need. Something that is just mindboggling is when police are called but they leave because they don’t see any signs of domestic violence. Clearly the police were called by the spouse for a reason, there is clearly someone in danger. But often times small details are often looked over and not taken into consideration. In order to properly convict the perpetrator police, rely on accusations from the spouse, which started before usually never really comes out. With the jail time that is given as a punishment, it is easily avoided with bail. Though I do believe laws should be stricter, anger management should also be provided with …show more content…
When said perpetrator are out they will continue their abusive behavior and project it oto the next willing victim. But if the judge who is punishing them require anger management classes could help the perpetrator enter bck into society without beinfg so estructive and having learned better coping skills. Though people don’t change unless they want to and are willing to change their aggresvie and abusive behavior, there is a possibility of enlightmenent in which they relize the amount of damage they inflict on the people the claim to love.
The effects that children endure should be reason enough to change laws to aoid psychological damage. So by providion anger management classes and enforcing laws, not only are children saved from long term effect but it also hinders any other people from being hurt by said

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