Negative Effect On Video Games

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Most kids nowadays are simply entertained by a simple video game. Whether the game be on a computer or on a gaming console. A majority of the video games today are filled with some form of violence. The violence in these games today can affect children early in their childhood.

At an early age kids start playing video games by watching an adult or older sibling play them. Video games are a way of entertainment but sometimes too much time is spent on entertainment. In Dr. Phil 's article he states that a research has been done and found out “ an average of 13 hours per week [played] for boys and five hours [played] for girls (Children and Violent Video Games; par 1). Kids should have there time spent less on video games and more
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The playing of violent video games is so vast that it has generated “nearly $12 billion a year” ( The Impact of Video Games; par 2).The amount of time limited to a child playing a violent video game can cause them to be more aggressive. In this article they state that “youth age 8 to 18 devote seven-and-a-half hours a day” that is too much time spent especially when the kids that were involved in the study some answered that “their parents have rules about the shows and games they can watch or play” ( The Impact of Video Games; par 7) but having only a select few of parents monitoring what their children watch and play is just the start to controlling the amount of violence that kids are allowed to come in counter with. In the article it says that “violent acts are continually repeated throughout the video game … [it is ] an effective teaching method in reinforcing learning patterns”( The Impact of Video Games; par 9) and at this early age in children life they usually reenact most of the things that go on around …show more content…
John; 8 Ways Violent Video Games Are Bad for Your Kids; par 4) They are the main reason for this stated that “[r]ather than just passively watching a rated-R violent movie … they are one of the main characters inside the adventure. The entire experience becomes ... more meaningful”( 8 Ways Violent Video Games Are Bad for Your Kids; par 4). Another result of violent video games not being good for them is that it cause them to have a feeling of success from killing someone; when instead the should get that feeling for doing something good( 8 Ways Violent Video Games Are Bad for Your Kids; par 5). If some of the violent videos they can lead to be very violent to women and that could be harmful to a child mindset as they are growing up and show them that there is no need to respect women or even worst behavior towards them ( 8 Ways Violent Video Games Are Bad for Your Kids; par 6). Not only do violent videos games contain violence but, they also tend to have inappropriate sexual content and most parents would not “want [their] kids learn[ing] about the birds and bees through a game”( 8 Ways Violent Video Games Are Bad for Your Kids; par 7). The violence from the video games does not show kids how to properly deal with troublesome situations rather

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