Need For Social Media Essay

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The Need For Social Media Everyday, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook receive over a million notifications worldwide. These notifications alert the public to important information such as tweets, messages or amber alerts. Social networking is a necessity in society today in order to connect with people, to know what’s happening in the world, the growth of businesses, and politically influence others.
For one thing, access to social media allows people to connect with others in ways not possible before. In fact, anyone is able to talk with one another from almost anywhere in the world. Someone in Europe is able to communicate with someone in the U.S. An example of this, would be how two twin sisters living in different countries
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Businesses rely heavily on social media for their products or services. According to the web article, How Social Media Can Impact Business, “social media websites… represent a huge opportunity for businesses to grab the attention of customers while simultaneously building a brand image.” Indeed, every time a consumer looks on social media they are bound to see a business ad influencing them to buy a product. Businesses are able to take advantage of social media to constantly set their product or service right in front of potential customers, which in turn increases sales. “ The public increasingly look to social media to find reviews on various products and services to help them to make buying decisions” ( How Social Media Can Impact Business ). Businesses are now forced to, if they want to do well, have their products or services on social media to be reviewed and spread around. With their products being spread around social networking sites and being reviewed makes it exceedingly easier for them to find the faults with what they’re providing and fix …show more content…
Through social media the masses are able to influence or be influenced in political decisions. For example, “During election cycles, campaigns work to use the millions of candidates’ ‘friends,’ posts, comments, and tweets generated on social networking sites to convert enthusiastic participants into active voters” ( Kerric and Sage 183 ). With such a great emphasis on social networking sites today, if the candidates did not take advantage of them they would lose massive amounts of potential votes. However, they have realized the edge social media provides them in their campaigns and put it to use. Kerric and Sage state that “78 percent of Republicans, 74 percent of Democrats, and 76 percent of independents spend time online,” illustrating the importance social media has in

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