Necessity And Virtue Analysis

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Distinguishing Between Necessity and Virtue
As a Latin student, I am no stranger to mythological tales. These tales are rather formulaic, with brawny heroes and devious villains engaging in wickedly intense battles, divine figures providing aid to men and women on quests for victory against the unknown, and mystical creatures exercising their powers over heroes to detract from their ultimate goal. The myths I have encountered during my classical education demonstrate countless desirable values including bravery, cleverness, and devotion. Heroes such as Perseus indicate that well-intentioned people are met with successful conclusions. Perseus was a kind, courageous young man who risked death to defend his mother. His slaying of the gorgon Medusa
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Most advocates who favor this position support their statements by referencing how wonderful the days without technology were, when playing outside was the main source of entertainment. They make note of how happy children were without touching technological devices, and how young people always utilized their imaginations to create their own games. They presume if children of the past were so joyous without technology, children of the current generation should not be exposed to technological devices. People in support of this argument remark that reading sparks the imagination while visual television media stunts critical thinking ability. They maintain that technologies not only impair intelligence, but encourage children to be indolent and stop working hard. Furthermore, these people state that children will inevitably choose technology over exercise, leading to extreme weight gain across the current generation. These arguments appear solid and undisputable, but one must first acknowledge the plethora of benefits technology has provided for today’s …show more content…
It is said to be common sense that using a computer or personal tablet will directly cause children and adults to spend more time sitting down, gaining weight and becoming obese. Indeed, obesity rates have risen over the past few decades, and use of technology has also dramatically increased. However, it is incorrect to presume that rising obesity rates are independently reliant on the improvement or increased use of technology. This misconception can be disproved by the simple fact that technology is not a living being. There is no obligation set upon humans by any sort of device to sit for hours at a time, playing games or performing mindless activities. All people have options for spending leisure time, and this choice is kept inherently within our own free will as part of human nature. To state that levels of obesity rose based on the advancement of technology is erroneous, as it is based on an improper correlation formed on a mistaken

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