Nazi Beliefs And The Holocaust Essay example

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Hitler and the Nazis created concentration camps first (Shuter, Life and Death in the camps, 6). The Jews were told that they were going to be re-educated about Nazi beliefs and then be released (Shuter, Life and Death in the Camps, 6). Labor camps were created next to work the Jews to death (6). Finally, the death camps were created to end the Jewish population. Death camps made the Holocaust possible because these are where most of the Jews were killed. These were established to make the German lands free of Jews. Before the camps, the Nazis would just try to make the Jews miserable and humiliate them to get them to leave Germany (34). Jews were also put in walled-off ghettos in cities to be isolated from the German people (8). Hitler did not find this way effective, so he created a group, called the Einsatzgruppen, to kill as many Jews as possible (34). The Einsatzgruppen murdered thousands of Jews in the Soviet Union during their invasion (Shuter, Prelude, 36). Hitler did not believe that this was getting rid of the Jews fast enough either. He came up with the ¨Final Solution, which was the plan to kill large numbers of Jews in German controlled lands (USF). The Jewish genocide now started. The death camps were established in secrecy. All death camps were set up and isolated in Poland, so the Nazis could commit mass murders (Shuter, Life and Death in the Camps, 6). The German people had no idea what was going on. The Nazis would not openly say to the…

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