Nature Of God And Mission Theology

The Nature of God and Missions

The Nature of God and Missions can be seen throughout the Old and New Testament scriptures. God’s mission is directly related to His own nature. According to 1 John 4:8, God is love and he works through his people to fulfil his purpose. “The central idea here is that God is the one who initiates and sustains mission. This term refutes the traditional idea that mission is the centered on the church and to express that mission actually is centered on God.” Individuals that have been sent into the world to proclaim the gospel, must take specific action by sharing the gospel and persuading all the people of the world to become Jesus’s disciples. These new disciples must show reflecting evidence in their lives,
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These motifs assist believers in understanding a reoccurring idea which brings out the nuances of that theme generating a greater understanding of missions and its purpose. Two key motifs of mission theology that can be observed throughout scripture include The Kingdom of God and Jesus. There are layers of foundational missions, which is ultimately the Kingdom of God. Visions of the Kingdom of God is often times linked to the end times which means that mission and kingdom are interlaced. The Kingdom is considered to be the seat of operations in which Christians strive to accomplish. The mission is completed when the rules are abided by and adhered. The Kingdom will experience growth by utilizing evangelistic methods when making a decision to put God first. Another key motif is Jesus who is centered on the integration of mission through faith. “The one who relinquished deity to be born as a baby in a feeding trough, who died on behalf of all humankind, who will return to gather his own, and who gave his followers their marching orders has established forever his priorities for the church that he birthed through his life, ministry and …show more content…
Missionaries are usually sent into usually an unpopulated area to convert or introduce people to a religious sect. Mission theology is a necessity which builds the foundation need to complete a successful missionary assignment. Church leaders have a greater responsibility of ensuring that their congregation understands the vision and mandate of the church especially evangelism and missions. As leaders, it is imperative that the Great Commission which requires the believer to evangelize remains a priority for facilitating kingdom building and church growth. Finally, missions is not just the responsibility of missionaries but it’s the responsibility of the lay people as well. God issued a mandate for all believers share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Believers have a responsibility to grasp and understand the theology of mission and how it relates throughout scripture. The lay people will be better equipped and empowered the share the gospel to the outer most parts of the

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