Naturalism Is the Style of Art That Details Precision and Accuracy in Displaying Things

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Essay Topic 1 Question #2
Naturalism is the style of art that details precision and accuracy in displaying things as they are. Artists during would use naturalism by taking realistic figures and depicting those figures in natural setting as realistically as possible. Prior to the Renaissance, artists maintained their dependence upon the ancient tradition of icon painting, mostly of the religious kind. Duccio di Buoninsega of Siena conveyed within his paintings early features of naturalism, which would invoke an expressive and spiritual seriousness to the viewer of these paintings. From his early work on out, Duccio displayed a progressive abandonment of the early forms of art. Displaying the stiff head
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Also, another naturalistic feature shows that Duccio was able to precisely position the hands of the Madonna holding the child. Finally, the way in which Duccio is able to invoke the way painting gives out a nature of blessing to be seen by the viewer.
Giotto's paintings had figures that were seen in three dimensions in a two dimensional art rather than just long and linear. Giotto was able to display the humanist trait of emotions throughout his paintings had figures with convincingly human emotions and were varied, rather than just artificial. Giotto was one of the early pioneers when it came to the art of naturalism in the beginnings of the Renaissance. Giotto’s painting, The Lamentation, he created this art work having the figures in the painting with a volumetric appearance, visible composition, seen standing directly on the ground. Also all his figures are seen clothed with garments displaying both mass and structure. The overall mood that Giotto successfully displays in his painting is that of great sadness. The figures surrounding the body of Christ all are seen with their faces in deep sorrow. Giotto created a sense of deep space, used foreshortening to create the angels above the figures surrounding the body of Christ.
Raphael was one of the last remaining great remaining artists of naturalism during the Renaissance period. Raphael, at

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