Native American Tribe Beliefs

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Of the many Native American tribes that lived in Oklahoma were the Cheyenne tribe. They settled in present-day Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. They were farmers along the Sheyenne River valley. Therefore, they were able to settle in villages and develop a somewhat civilized culture. The Cheyenne tribe holds a great legacy and culture that still exists today (Alchin). After the move westward by the French to the Great Plains, their culture had changed; they became nomads and hunted buffalo. After the move, the tribe separated into two groups: the northern and southern Cheyenne. The rituals and ceremonies that the tribe did were mostly like all the other tribes’ in the plains for example, the Sweat lodge ceremony, the vision quest, and, the daunting sun dance ceremony. One ceremony that they had was the ceremonial pipe, also known as the Calumet. This was a ritual in which a pipe would be filled with tobacco and passed among the people participating. The Calumet was also known as the peace pipe because it was used when signing peace treaties (Alchin). …show more content…
The food was usually supplemented with spinach, prairie turnips, and potatoes. When the food was scarce, they would eat dried buffalo meat called pemmican. They would hunt animals and use the left overs for weapons. Their clothing was usually made by the women from deer and buffalo skin. They were usually painted and decorated with porcupine quills or beadwork. They were also always elaborated with necklaces and armbands (Alchin). The remaining Cheyenne Indians can be found mostly everywhere in Oklahoma. They live on Indian reserves set aside by the government especially for them. They withstood the rough years of the Indian Removal with determination and chivalry. They keep alive culture centuries old in a world do modern

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