Comanche Culture

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Comanche Indians

The Comanches, great horsemen who dominated the southern plains, played a major role in the history of central America. Comanches were originally a part of the northern shoshone. The Shoshone and Comanche even have identical languages. Comanches have moved multiple times like the move away from shoshone tribe or moving due to indian conflict. Comanches culture changed once they obtained horses from trading goods which helped them gain territory. While the Comanche believed they owned the central plains, they were forced to stand against the Indian removal as it pushed Indian tribes into their land and started conflict between the Indians and Americans that led to present day Comanche that reside in Lawton Ok.

The Comanche were skilled at riding horses, they resisted the Americans who with the removal of eastern Indian. Eastern Indians forced into Comanche territory, this act of removal made the Comanche Indians have to oppose the American removal of Indians. The removal act by congress led to conflict against the americans as seen in the constant attack on american settlers. conflicts within the Comanche territory between Comanche and intruding southern Arapahos and Cheyennes also became a major problem for the
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The Comanches came to the plains in the late 1780’s and created villages along the red river and wichita mountains. The Comanches came to the plains in order to move away from the shoshone who both tribes disputes led to the split and relocation of the Comanches. The largest point of the tribe would be 2017 with the comanche trying to repopulate. and smallest point would be in 1884 when much of the comanche depopulated of the earth from the Americans expansion into the comanche territory. The comanche almost losing most of their members in 1884 needed to repopulate so the tribe moved to

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