The Red River War: The Battle Of Palo Duro Canyon

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The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon was a military showdown and a critical United States triumph amid the Red River War. The fight happened on September 28, 1874 when a few U.S. Armed force regiments under Ranald S. Mackenzie assaulted an extensive place to stay of Plains Indians in Palo Duro Canyon in the Panhandle of Texas.
In the post-summer of 1874, Quahada Comanche, Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho and Kiowa warriors drove by Lone Wolf left their reservations and searched for refuge in Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. There they had been gathering sustenance and supplies for the winter. Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie, driving the fourth U.S. Mounted power, left Fort Clark, Texas on August 15, accomplished Fort Concho on the 21st and the mouth
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Not exclusively does Palo Duro Canyon recount antiquated topography, and in a very delightful manner, however is additionally the site of an exceptionally critical military battle which in every practical sense ended the Indian Wars in the southern fields.
Guests to Palo Duro Canyon today will see the correct area alongside a Texas Historical Marker where a standout amongst the most, if not most, critical southern fields Indian Wars fight occurred.
The correct site is along the express stop's circle drive. The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon was a conclusive occasion. It was 1874 and the principle members on the two sides had a most intriguing foundation and even an all the more fascinating and astounding future. This intriguing story told beneath.
Texas development implied the infringement upon Comancheria, the place known for the Comanche Indian. Comanche struck white pioneers in current day Texas, and backpedaled to the Spanish time, the Mexican period, the Republic of Texas time and continued for about 10 years after the Civil War.
Amid the Republic of Texas years the Comanches went similar to striking the distant southeastward to the Gulf of Mexico and Indianola. That shows how extraordinary the Comanche strife was.
Quanah Parker, Ranald Mackenzie and Palo Duro
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Mackenzie included a high notoriety inside the armed force and may be the best Indian contender in the U.S. Armed force. Not an easily recognized name as George Armstrong Custer but rather ostensibly more effective.
Reservations were situated in the minimum alluring area and the Indians knew about this. The last huge push to put the remaining Comanche, Kiowa and Southern Cheyenne on reservations, causing Red River War. This was the contention that in the end prompted the notable Battle of Palo Duro Canyon. The Red River War ended with not only a solitary fight. It was a stop and go battle about almost two years that moved residual Comanche, Southern Cheyenne and Kiowa inside Indian Territory.
The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon concluded by encountering Comanche pioneer Quanah Parker consented to lead his kin to the reservation and for the way that this fight included such a large number of Native Americans. Amid the fight the Fourth Cavalry, drove by Col. Ranald Slidell Mackenzie, separated a substantial settlement of Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne in Palo Duro Canyon, executing several Indians however catching and butchering around fourteen hundred steeds. Because of the fight (plus steed loss), Quanah Parker's band came into Fort Sill on June 2, 1875, ending the Red River

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