Essay on Native American Mascots Are Offensive

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Native American Mascots are Offensive History proves humans as a species are the most educated surpassing all other animals. Since humans cognitively are able to communicate and share ideas, there is no wonder pass times were created such as sports. Since the very first sport was created, the people loved to watch and cheer their team on. Eventually mascots were created, allowing teams to become unified under one name. The creation of the mascot was an ingenious idea producing fan to also become part of the team knowing they were a proud supporter of the “Greatest team”. A long the way a few of the mascots selected for some of the most popular sports teams are offensive to certain cultures, specifically Native Americans. With each generation of kids eventually becoming wise adults, equality and antiracism campaigns are increasing, the sports teams with offensive mascots are now in the spotlight. The campaigns say that the mascots are offensive and should become banned from all sport teams professional or not, however, the counterargument states that the mascots actually honor or show respect toward their cultures. Some type of answer will arise with all the commotion caused by this conflict, but for now everyone is entitles to their own opinion. Native Americans were known to be living in the Americas long before any Spaniard set foot on the land. One of the largest incidences which occurred recently was the problem with the National Football League (NFL), the Washington…

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