National Cathedral Reflection

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The National Cathedral is known for its massive size and impressive gothic architecture. I used to think that a gothic cathedral meant tall and pointy. I was certainly wrong. Learning about different cathedrals in this course helped me understand and identify the three specific elements that make up a gothic cathedral; flying buttresses, pointed arches, and ribbed vaults. But that is not actually what architecture is usually judge on. Vitruvius, a Roman architect, believed that the three questions one should ask when visually analyzing a building are: Is the building appropriate for its function? Is it structurally sound and durable? Is it a pleasing structure? Which is what I asked myself when I visited the National Cathedral. I believe that the main purpose of the National Cathedral was to create a little slice of heaven on Earth. When I entered, the first thing I noticed were the beautiful color lights on the walls and floor. These came from large and impressive mosaic windows that covered most of the walls and were high up. The second thing I noticed was, of course, the tall roof. These two elements were …show more content…
I had personally never gone to any building to analyze its architecture. I believe that having a slight background on cathedral architecture and history made this visit very interesting, as I was able to understand the deeper meaning of many elements of the cathedral. Personally, visiting the National Cathedral was a wonderful experience. And being able to apply the many different architecture concepts discussed in class to a real life building was phenomenal. The thing that amazed me the most were the mosaic windows. I could not picture them while you discussed them in class. Walking through the aisles and seeing the colorful lights reflected on the opposite side of the building was truly

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