Life Changing Moment In Ernest Hemingway's Cathedral

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Life Changing Moment: Analysis Essay of “Cathedral”
“Cathedral” is an eye opening tale about a man and a blind man named Robert becoming aware that there is more than what meets the eye. Throughout the story we realize the man who is the narrator and has the ability to see is more blind than the man who is medically diagnosed as “blind” an irony to say that a man who has no vision can see more than a man who has perfect 20/20. We can perceive this by lack of insight he lacks towards his wife, and the way he is unable to describe detail on a cathedral to Robert. Thanks to his lack of insight, he went through something powerful when he decided to draw out the cathedral with Robert. We now understand that the them is “don’t judge a book by its cover” meaning don’t be quick to assume of how a person might be just by looking at them without really looking at them in a deeper level and also how one moment in your life can deeply impact you and even change who you are. As the narrator and Robert are sitting down watching a show about different kinds of cathedrals on television,
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Little does he know, Robert’s connection with his wife was strong, much more than the narrator and his wife. Now with the recently new emotions and feelings the narrator has experienced with the drawing of the cathedral it is safe to say the narrator will go through a change of mind. He would gain that empathy that has nothing to do with sight and kind of understanding just as how Robert and the narrator’s wife would send audiotapes back and forth to each other. The narrator can one day realize that “harmless chitchat” (105) can come a long way than just being harmless and affect a person on a deeper level just like the drawing of the cathedral did to

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