National Cancer Profiles Site Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

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Data obtained from the State Cancer Profiles site can be used for multiple purposes such as identifying risk factors for various types of cancer, examining health disparities, implementing cancer control activities, and/or performing epidemiological studies. As previously mentioned, the data is intended to support policy makers, health planners, and/or cancer providers to create programs aimed at implementing evidence based cancer control activities to reduce cancer in their respective geographic locations (“About State Cancer Profiles”, n.d.). By doing so, these professionals could impact the quality of care provided to patients, promote positive outcomes, and/or reduce healthcare-associated cost for treating various types of cancer.
Unfortunately, one major limitation of the data is that information provided is based on documented cases of cancers reported by public health sources. Thus, patients with cancer that fail to seek medical care are not reported in the data sets. Likewise, patients that use private (e.g., not Medicare) insurance to pay for healthcare services or receive free care from the Veterans Administration are not reported in the SEER data, which distorts population-based cancer incidence statistics (Howlader, Ries, Stinchcomb, & Edwards, 2009). In addition, a few state registries are restricted from disclosing cancer data at the county-level even to the CDC in order to protect the privacy of patients (“Frequently Ask Questions”, n.d.). Likewise, counties…

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