Nathaniel : A Old Single African American Homeless Man Who Suffers From A Mental Illness

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Nathaniel is a 58 year-old single African American homeless man who suffers from a mental illness that lives in the city of Los Angeles. Nathaniel began experiencing delusions, hallucination, and hearing voices when he was a young boy. When Nathanial was approximetly13 years old he had his first hallucination, in which he saw a car that was on fire and that it was driving away. Nathanial’s mental illness has progressed as he has become older.
Nathaniel’s first mental breakdown occured while he attended the school of Julliard in New York. While rehersing he began hearing voices that told him that everyone around him was looking at him and could hear his thoughts. Nathaniel was not able to handle the voices and he ran out of the rehearsal and went to his apartment. At his apartment the voices became worst that he could not handle it. Nathaniel lived with his sister after his mother passed away. He began to hear voices telling him that his sister wanted to kill him. He was so convinced that his sister wanted to kill him that he left Cleveland Ohio and ended up in Los Angeles California.
Nathaniel would like medication to control his mental illness, to help reduce or eliminate the voices he hears, hallucinations, and delusions that make him confused. Nathaniel would also like a stable and safe place to live so he may take control of his illness and live a normal life.

Family of Origin
Nathaniel and his family lived in Cleveland Ohio. Nathaniel is the oldest son and has a…

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