Chris Kyle Case Study

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Identifying Information Chris Kyle is a 33-year-old white male, born July 18, 1982. He has been married to his wife Nelia for seven years. Chris and Nelia have three children, two girls, Aaliyah and Hailey and one boy, Brandon. Chris and his family currently reside in a four bedroom home located in an upper class community in Houston, TX. Chris has reported that he is in okay physical health, and is of average weight and height (6 ft 3in, 190 pounds).
Reason for Referral Chris recently contacted the Veterans Crisis Center through the Department of Veterans Affairs to deal with night terrors and anxiety issues. He stated that he was dealing with these issues for some time, but as of recent things have gotten worse, and his wife,
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He has isolated himself from his friends since his injury and rarely has any contact with anyone outside of his home. The only person that Chris trust right now is Nelia, but he feels that she shouldn’t know anything about the military or his time spent in combat. Prior to his accident, Chris spend most of his doing outdoor recreational things on his days off, but he feels that will never happen again. He spends most of his day’s sitting in his favorite chair watching sports center. His wife has encouraged him to go outside with her and the children, but he always seems to find an excuse not to join them. He has indicated that he feels bad about not being there for his family, but he doesn’t know how to act since the accident. Chris talks to his brother and sister at least once a week on the telephone. He stated he would like to talk to them more, but they ask too many personal questions, so he finds a way to quickly get off the phone. Chris stated besides being at home he does attend a weekly physical therapy session to help him adjust to his prosthetic leg. Chris has stated since the accident he doesn’t feel like himself, he tends to isolate himself from everyone and feels emotionally disconnected.
Personal Traits Chris has demonstrated that he is intelligent and is aware of his self needs. However, Chris does not express his emotions freely and is hesitant of trusting his emotions to others. Chris is in middle
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He is also seeking assistance with his loss in employment and his disability, as well as, his decisions about life directions. His friend died recently, but there also are unresolved issues surrounding the tragic incident which cost him his leg. Chris could benefit from, post-traumatic stress counseling, to help him sort out his night terror. He could also benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help him with his anxiety and mild depression. He could also benefit from grief counseling to help him grieve properly and help him understand that he is not to blame for his friends’ death. Chris and his family may also benefit from family therapy, so that they can learn to better communicate with each other. In addition, Chris may be interested in exploring career and personal goals, for instance going outside. Finally, Chris’ social support network will be examined, with the goal of expanding both individual contacts and groups/organizations that can provide some emotional support to Chris both at the present time and in the

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