Narrative Story: I Became A Victim Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Register to read the introduction… Taking in all that I said must have been really hard, because the devil visited our home that night, she threw a vase at me and other unidentified objects. After she calmed down she started to ask a lot of questions. ?Who is the father??? she asked, ?Jake? I replied with an attitude not sure what she was implying. ?What does he have to say about this??? she came at me raging, ?he wants me to take the kill pill or forget about him? I said, ? but it doesn?t really matter because he already left town to go live with his uncle in Buxton? I added. She was speechless for what seemed like hours. Then she asked me the question that would determine my destiny, ?what do you want to do baby??? With such a stern look on her face I started stepping back ?mom? I said stuttering ?I want to go through with this.? Not sure of what her reaction would be I was now four feet away from ?Crazy Maxine?, as we all called her at home. Instead of me getting the slap I had pictured getting from this five feet ten inches woman, my mother came to me with outstretched arms, giving me a tight hug and warm words of …show more content…
As the months went by my stomach began to show I slowly isolated myself from the few friends I had. I am not saying that I avoided them completely because most if not all called to see how the baby and I were doing. The other girls and Nikkei who was nineteen, the oldest tenth grader and my clique leader still had their slender waists to mesmerize boys. I on the other hand was suffering from moving ribs and constant mood swings. I just could not find myself doing the things we were all used to like our weekly slumber parties. My partying ways eventually stopped not because the clothes could not fit anymore but because my friends refused to go places with me. I had to face the facts: nobody wanted to associate themselves with a sixteen year old pregnant

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