Narrative Essay On The Day Of Tomorrow

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The Day of Tomorrow
Remember men your mission depends on our future technology, future of space travel in our solar system. The four soon to be hero's walk out and down the runway to the shuttle's launch pad there over 400 feet in the air the shuttle stands enough food, water, and oxygen to supply for a month. An anxious crowd stood to watch as the four heroes stood on top of the launch pad. ¨Here we stand in front of our four heroes that will save our program, Garth, Seymour, Jeff, Gerald.¨ All of the four exchanged looks of confidence before boarding the elevator to the main hatch of the shuttle. ¨I hope we can do this said Seymour.¨ All of the men exchanged looks. ¨Nonsense said Gerald, This will be light work.¨ They got into the shuttle
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A slight disruption but everything seems a ok. ¨Oh god said Seymour.¨ The computer stated nearly all of you were in a coma for over 4 months now. All four got up from their beds and walked out feeling normal they found that the building they were in was over a kilometer tall. ¨What the heck said Seymour.¨ The elevator transported them down at 60 miles per hour. Out they stepped, the tall buildings filled the sky and planes flew at incredible speeds. On the ground cars and trucks where jet engine powered and some where electric. People walking had wristwatches with video feed coming off of …show more content…
A screen inside read nearly 20,000 rpm and horsepower builded up was almost 5000 as a loud whine of the jet engine sounded. Next to that was a yellow car very nice and sleek looking. Garth put on the seatbelt and turned on the engine. Jeff got into the Red car next to Seymour in the passenger seat. Gerald got into the Yellow car with Garth. They zoomed off out of the city into a desert. A few years pass.
Finally in the open desert the cars roll out. Mach 9 is the speed needed to create a rupture and travel back. Both cars engines fired as the blue flames shot out of the cars. They gave the ready check and then an all clear. Both cars flew down the open desert and begun to create a vacuum of clouds like a fighter jet. The yellow car vanished into the thin air and back on a Nevada runway. It was about 30 minutes later and the red car appeared flying down the runway. The four got out and hugged each other as a plane landed in the background cops surrounded the cars. The lost astronauts we found

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