Narrative Essay On Mental Illness

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It began on a Wednesday morning, I was doing my morning routing dropping of my children’s to school, daycare and from there head to work. I started to have a weird feeling, but decided to ignore it something that I had done for a decent while. Therefore, the night arrive I was heading back home from picking up my children’s from my mother’s house. The same feeling that I had in the morning got worse. Moreover, the feeling start off with shakiness, nausea, stomach problems, nervous, feeling desperate, but it do not end there the worst and horrible thing that it could had happen was I was getting this abnormal thoughts. I was having committing suicidal thoughts. I still could not believe at the age of twenty threeI was going to have this problem.
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Coming from a Mexican family and a single mother, I can say we do not really believe in mental illness problems until my problem started. Like a mother that I am, I decide to seek for some help. It is never too late to look for help, but if you see this same problem do not ignored it as I did. However, after my scene I decide to go to an urgent care but did not work. The next morning I went to see a doctor but my thought was just getting worse and worse. I decide to go back to a regular hospital was there for a while, and doctor decide that I need more then this help. As my own decision and the safe of my family, I decide to get help from a mental hospital. I was an inpatient in this hospital for 4 days, while my stay they assign me a psychiatric doctor. My psychiatric diagnose me with anxiety and depression, something that I never thought that could have had happen to me. While, my stay in the mental hospital I realized that I was not alone. I meet people with different mental

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