Narrative Essay On Max's Dream

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Max’s Dream
Max Walker is a 13 year old, dark haired kid who loved soccer, he dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player who played around the world. It was Max’s favorite thing to do. But his dad thought otherwise. He thought soccer was pointless and would not get Max anywhere in life. His dad wanted him to become a doctor like him.
“You’re going to be a doctor, just like your dad.” His dad would say. He thought that Max should spend his time studying and getting ready for med school.
It was a foggy morning in September and Max was getting ready for school.
“Is all your homework done Max?” asked his mom.
“Yes mom” replied Max annoyingly.
Max went to a small school in upstate New York. He didn’t really enjoy school that much, but he needed
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When Max got to the field he got the soccer ball he always hid there. He then started to shoot and practice his skills very aggressively. Then Brad came by and saw that Max was playing.
"Max! What are you doing here?" asked Brad.
"I don't want to talk right now Brad" Max responded.
Brad didn't say anything else but he just kept waking. Max played for another 10 minutes until he saw someone.
There was a medium sized man in a gray hoodie walking towards the field while dribbling a soccer ball. He had his hood on so Max couldn't see his face. Max thought the stranger looked sketchy and he was thinking about leaving but he decided not to.
The man went to the other goal and started to play and shoot. Max was observing and he realized that the man was very, very good at soccer, better than anyone Max had seen. Then at that moment when the man took off his hood, Max's life changed...
It was Lionel Messi, his favorite player and one of the best in the world. As soon as Max knew it was him he ran right over to him and said, "Messi! Is that really you?!"
"It really is kid," said Messi while smiling.
Max’s eyes widened and he was smiling from ear to
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Look where I am now, it was the greatest decision in my life," said Messi.
"Maybe for you but I just don't think it's right for my son," said Max's dad.
"He's your son sir, but it's not hard to tell he has natural talent for soccer and loves it. At least think about it," Messi said.
"Okay I will, thank you Messi, and good to meet you," said Max's dad.
“Good to meet you too sir, have a good day,” Messi said.
And with that Max said his goodbyes to Messi and even got some autographs. Max was thinking about the events that went on that day and realized that he was one of the luckiest kids ever. He was thinking about how this day could change his life forever. That was by far the best day of his life and within a week later, Max's dad let him play soccer. To this day, none of his friends believe his story but he knows it's real and that's all that matters. That is how Max's soccer dream became a reality. 18 years later
Announcer: “Walker is dribbling up the field, going by defenders, it's only him and the goalie with 30 seconds left. This could be the game winner! He shoots! He scores!!! Max Walker wins the World Cup for

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