Narrative Essay On Magic The Gathering

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The biggest fantasy card game in America is called Magic the Gathering. The creator of the game Richard Garfield, created the game in college in 1994. Now millions play the game and professionals can win up to a 100,000 dollars a tournament! I started in 10th grade and have just recently won my first tournament. At my school alone there are 10 people that i know of that play. I have played in over a hundred tournaments, but after long last my drive to win led me to victory.

In the beginning of my high school career i had one hobby, video games, well one game, call of duty black ops 2. I would spend countless hours after school playing that game. at this time the English teacher was out because of a baby, so a sub was brought in, Mr. McCormick.
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Now there was this new game that looked fun and hard to play. On the second day i asked questions and learned a lot. On the third day i brought in a deck i had made from cards i had bought the previous night. I then had to really learn the basic rules, of which there are thousands. But after a month of playing every lunch, i stopped making simple mistakes and could actually be competition. I played constantly and after 6 months i went to my first tournament. (i came in second out of 16 people) Since then i have lost many many tournaments, but i go to the same card shop to play and i know everyone there. The atmosphere is a mix of a fun and serious competition.

It is because the design and continued change to this amazing game that i want to be a software engineer. My dream is to help maintain and change the magic the gathering online game, and community. This game takes years to master, because of this one needs an intense drive to becoming a professional. I am 2 years into the game, i am winning more tournaments now and have played really good opponents. Only with my intense drive to memorize the rules and the tens of thousands of cards, have i been able to become this

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